Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[Gold Coast] Kimchee House

Kimchee House
Shop 11
Lido Arcade
Surfers Paradise Boulevard

Bro-in-law and wife were in Brissie at the start of whale-watching season.

Off we went to Gold Coast to look-see, let them do their tourist stuff around Surfers Paradise and catch 'Mahi Mahi' after lunch time for our whale-watching session.

Before boarding the vessel, we had a simple Korean meal at Kimchee House.


The undigested food later all came up in 'Mahi Mahi' *shudder*. No more boat trip for me. Not even cruise. No no.

Kimchee House@Gold Coast

Kimchee House@GC
Lunch special menu

Kimchi Fried Rice@Kimchee House
Kimchi fried rice

Pork bibimbap@Kimchee House GC
Pork bibimbap

Food was quite bland and I had to add quite a lot of chilli sauce to go with my rice.

After lunch, we walked to Circle on Cavill for some coffee and cake.


For it all came back up too in 'Mahi Mahi'.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

[Mooloolaba] Mooloolaba Fish Market

Mooloolaba Fish Market
Parkyn Parade

If you ever make a trip to the Sunshine Coast, do make a stop at Mooloolaba Fish Market. It's a fish retail shop cum fish and chip takeaway. Or you can opt for the Grill upstairs which serves up fancier seafood dishes.

We ordered from the takeaway counter and had our seafood upstairs in the deck overlooking the river.

Mooloolaba Fish Market
Left to right: Grilled oysters in mornay sauce, reef fish and chips, scallops and calamari

Especially good were the reef fish (special on that day with chips for AUD7.95, bargain!) and calamari.

Mooloolaba's beach is worth a visit and there is a row of shops and restaurants right on beachfront on The Esplanade.

The place gets very busy during school holidays as mooloolaba is famous as a surfers' beach so book ahead.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rot in hell


Bumped my car yesterday!

Rot in hell!



BLACK SUNDAY, yesterday was.

What a letdown and utter disappointment last night's Masterchef Australia's finale was.

Next season they should just called themselves MASTERCOOK!

Does the market need another '101 ways with roasts and potatoes (with occasional 2 vegs thrown in)' cookbook?????

Or another neighbourhood 'homestyle cafe'??????

Die hard fan of winner can't wait to lay their hands on the winner's cookbook???? On roasts and potatoes ALL swimming in anything but BROWN sauce/gravy??? Then again there might not be any roasts as roasts are BROWN!!!!

Pale looking aka NOT BROWN roasts on cover hastily put together and anything but BROWN roast potatoes on the cover sounds enticing???

Come-on man, be serious!! Those fans must really be utterly desperate indeed!!!

I am sure the winner is a nice and jolly good person, I must be clear here I am not criticizing/attacking the winner's character or dignity, just letdown with the show's gimmicks and tactics. Utterly ridiculous.

I don't have a particular favourite contestant on the Masterchef show. I enjoyed watching the challenges and masterclasses but even last night's finale and the one episode with Donna Hay left me fuming!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

[Brisbane] Edamame

Last visit (several months ago) to Edamame, there was this special board on okonomiyaki (might be wrong spelling but I am sure you know what this is) done all sorts of way.

Hmmm, decided to play safe and go for the chicken.

Fried noodles (soft, mushy) topped with a piece of plain pancake/crepe? thing and topped again with few pieces of teriyaki chicken with mayo and some tangy sauce drizzled all over.

[Home Cooking] Egg Pancake. Apple Tarte Tartin

Egg pancake
Chinese style savoury egg pancake

Savoury pancake with spring onions topped with omelette and cheese or tuna or whatever you fancy.

Apple tart tartin
Apple tarte tartin with vanilla ice-cream

Watching Masterchef got me eager to try out some of the recipes featured.

Recipe click here apple tarte tartin.

Last night's macaron and caramel panna cotta has got me very excited indeed and I'll attempt the recipe soon. I need to get my hands on a sugar thermometer first.

Wash down the above with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, ah, bliss!

Merlo@James St
Merlo coffee torrefaziones on James St

It's housed in an industrial looking spartanly furnished building. It's just a roasting facility with merchandise like coffee machines and accesories and ice-cream (made by Licks!) for sale.